Chi Healing

Corona Virus update (April 2020): New Appointments Available

I have been completely swamped with requests for healing since the Corona Virus crisis started and as many of you know have for the first time had to operate a prioritized waiting list for appointments and restrict the number of new clients I have taken on.

To cope with this I have changed my scheduling to free up more time for Chi Healing and am pleased to say I now have new slots available starting from Monday 13th of April onwards.

All these appointments will be done safely, remotely over Skype and so are easy to do during the lock down.

In the meantime, stay safe and stay at home!


Chi Healing sessions are £75 for a 1 hour session, £45 for a 30 minute session.

Payment in advance by Credit Card or PayPal to secure a session.

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Chi is an energy that flows through us, nurturing and healing our bodies from within. It is in us all and is a natural part of our healing mechanism. Chi in various forms has been studied and used by many cultures for thousands of years.

Blockages can form in your Chi system as you go through your daily life. This may be due to an illness or injury – either physical or emotional; Chi flow can be disrupted by such disparate things as a broken ankle or the loss of a loved one. Once disrupted, one or more blockages can form where the Chi gets “stuck”, inhibiting flow of healthy energy past that point. Often the body’s natural Chi pressure is enough to push this blockage out by itself – imagine a kink in a hose being pushed out by high water pressure. Sometimes though, the natural Chi pressure of the body is not enough, and the blockage can remain starving the rest of the body of the healing energy it needs, again like a knotted hose with the water unable to pass the knot. Without this essential energy the body’s own natural healing mechanisms can be severely impaired resulting in chronic ailments that resist conventional treatment.

Chi Healing allows us to identify and heal these blockages. Over decades of training, Steven has elevated his sensitivity and control of Chi to a point where he can “see” Chi blockages in a client, and can both draw out the blocked Chi and replenish it with free flowing Chi to help ensure the blockage does not return. This helps to allow the client’s own chi to flow freely once again, and for the natural healing process that is part of all of us to resume.


“I have been fortunate enough to have benefited from Steven’s great expertise both as a teacher of Chi Kung and as a Chi healer. I have found him to be not only exceptional in his professional capabilities,but extremely sympathetic and empathetic,always willing to be flexible in relation to the client’s capabilities,and quietly encouraging.”
-David, Beaconsfield
“Hi Steve would like to thank you for the chi healing. It’s great to feel the stagnant energy move and discomforts release. Chi healing is amazing. “
-Susan, Leicester
“Steve is able to look at a person’s Chi and correct imbalances and blockages at a very deep level. He is able to remove any parasitic energy that may have attached itself to someone’s energy field. He is definitely a healer for the time we are living in and I recommend him very highly.”
-Justine, Leicester
“About four years ago, probably due to work-related stress, my health collapsed and I developed ME. I was unable to stand, had many other debilitating symptoms. Steve began to teach me Tai Chi and Chi Gung to improve my very low chi levels, and meditation to deal with my stress. He also began to unblock my energy pathways. Quite early on, I began to feel that something fundamental had changed in my body, and after a while my health began to improve. I am now considerably stronger, and am beginning to be able to do things again. I can definitely say that Steve’s Tai Chi instruction and Chi Healing has significantly improved my condition, where western medicine had nothing to offer.”
-Christine, Oadby
“Following a recent operation, I visited Steven after one or two setbacks and he treated me with Chi healing. I arrived there really down, in considerable discomfort and with circulation which was far from normal. Within an hour I left, astonishingly restored to something like my usual self. My wife had driven me over,and was a witness to this terrific achievement.”
-Ben, Buckinghamshire
“Hi Steve thanks for the session yesterday I’m feeling really stable and fully charged again. Good job!”
-Angela, Buckinghamshire
These are comments from genuine clients, first names have been changed for privacy reasons.