Chi in Winter – Adapting to the Colder Season

Just as we benefit from looking at the whole body’s energy system when healing one specific area, we also benefit from looking at the environment around us when dealing with the energy of the body as a whole. The coming of Winter has an effect on our energy system and we can make things easier for ourselves by working with this rather than against it.

During winter, our Chi has a tendency to slow down and withdraw into us. This has the unfortunate effect of increasing the chance of Chi blockages if we are not careful so maintenance of our Chi systems is more important than ever. Slow moving meditations are often the most useful as we head into the colder months; this keeps the Chi moving, especially in the extremities, but doesn’t attempt to force the flow that could become uncomfortable. If you do more dynamic meditations, start with a slower meditation first, listen to your body and ensure your energy is comfortable with going up a gear before engaging in more dynamic meditations.

If you find your meditations lack energy at this time of year, try facing North as you do them – the colder yin energy of the North is stronger during Winter and whilst a softer more subtle energy than the southern Yang energy, you may find it more nourishing at this time of year.

If you are finding yourself losing energy and becoming mentally sluggish after meditating (definitely not the results we’re looking for!), take a look at how you are doing your meditations: are your feet flat on the floor? This is generally a good position to take as it grounds us, and gives good flow to Earth Chi. During the very cold months however, when the Earth Chi is itself slowing and withdrawing, we can take on board too much of this aspect and find our Chi is taking on the Earth vibrations and wants to hibernate! If this is the case, and you feel you are already adequately grounded, try meditating in a cross-legged or lotus position instead. This encourages our energy to circle within ourselves more, and whilst we will still draw Earth Chi into ourselves, it’s aspect will not have as great an affect on us.