Would I benefit from Chi Healing?

If you have a chronic ailment or injury that has resisted conventional treatment, or has shown little or no improvement with other complementary therapies, then you may be suffering from one or more persistent Chi blockages. If this is the case, the problem will never truly be solved until the blockage is resolved, and this treatment is for you.

Is this compatible with medicine and treatments my Doctor has prescribed?

Yes. Chi Healing helps remove the obstacles that are preventing your body from healing itself. As a result, it is compatible with regular medicine. The treatments prescribed by your Doctor may indeed become even more effective as a result of Chi Healing treatments, as your own internal healing system will be stronger and better able to take advantage of conventional treatments.

What happens in a Chi Healing session?

During your Chi Healing session, you will lie or sit fully clothed and relax. Steven will identify blocks in your Chi flow, and areas of stagnant or negative Chi by tuning into the subtle energies of your body’s system. He will then unblock, clear and replenish the Chi as needed to allow the natural healing processes of your body resume. This is a non-contact treatment.

Is Chi Healing like Reiki?

No. Chi Healing and Reiki achieve different things. Reiki is a channelled healing energy which flows into the whole body during a session – if you like it is similar to filling up your body’s storage tank. Chi Healing is very different. It identifies where the pipework is blocked or broken, repairs this and replaces negative energies with sparkling new energy in a very accurate and meticulous way. While there are thousands of Reiki practitioners, only a handful of people have put in the years of training to master the skills of Chi Healing.

Can I receive Chi Healing at a distance?

Yes you can. Steven offers distance sessions via Skype.

Please note: The advice and healing techniques offered by Steven and/or published on this website may be helpful for a wide range of ailments and conditions. However they do not replace conventional treatment, medication and diagnosis. If you believe you are suffering from either a physical or mental illness, please consult your doctor at the earliest opportunity. Diagnosis can only be obtained from your doctor or consultant. All holistic treatments offered here are compatible with conventional treatments and medications. Steven does not diagnose or offer medical treatment of any kind. Consult your doctor before engaging in physical activity or training of any sort.