Shields Up! – Protecting Ourselves from Unwanted Energy

These days it is more important than ever that we learn to protect ourselves from disruptive energies.

Who needs to learn how to do this?

Everyone. Often this is only done by practitioners, people who deliberately connect to other sources of energy, but actually this is something we should all consider, practitioner or not.

In our daily lives we are often exposed to disruptive energy sources even if we do not know it at the time. We have all been in the room or building that doesn’t “feel nice” – these are often energetic effects at work, effects we could well do without.

Many energies can be disruptive to us, but what is disruptive and what isn’t varies from person to person. Whilst energy steeped in shadow is generally deemed to be unhealthy for us on many levels, other energy sources can also affect us dependent upon our own energetic makeup; what feels great to one person may feel unpleasant to another.

Energy may be disruptive to us when:

  1. It is too strong for us to handle comfortably
  2. It causes a resonance within us that triggers a fear or other negative response – this normally indicates that some personal development is required to move us past this, but the experience can still be unpleasant at the time
  3. It clashes with our natural frequency (like interference on the radio)
  4. It comes from ‘shadow’ (i.e. negative energy – most of us find this unpleasant)
  5. It has a dampening or leaching effect on our energy

How do I know if I’m being affected by disruptive energy?

There are several signs that are associated with disruptive energies:

  1. A feeling of “wrongness” – something just isn’t right, but your logical brain can provide no explanation
  2. Feeling edgy or on guard, again for no apparent reason
  3. Feeling drained with either no obvious cause or perhaps triggered by a place or person
  4. Feeling of hypersensitivity – like someone having the TV on way too loud so it hurts your ears

We all have many transient feelings, not all of which we can explain, but if you find some or all of the above occur, most particularly if they appear to be worse in a particular building or place, or with a particular person, then this is an indication that you may be being affected by disruptive energies.

What do I do about it?

The basic process for protection is simple and has three steps:

Step 1 – Clear your mind and Ground yourself

It will make the process easier if you clear your mind and ground yourself (see my Grounding exercise) before you start. If you are in an office or public place it may not be appropriate to do the full hand gestures of the grounding exercise, in which case just imagine yourself doing these.

Step 2 – Create the Image

Imagine yourself surrounded by something that carries a meaning of defence and protection for you.

Some examples could be:

  1. Imagining a shining white light enveloping your body
  2. Imagining yourself putting on a suit of medieval armour
  3. Imagining flicking a switch that activates a hi-tech force field that surrounds you

The important thing is that it resonates for you, what is right for one person might not be right for another.

Step 3 – Create the Intent

Say to yourself “This (armour/forcefield/whatever you chose) will protect me from any negative or disruptive energies that are not in my best interest to receive, in the highest and best way.”


When should I do it?

Generally, times that are good to do this are:

  1. When you leave the house in the morning
  2. Before you go to sleep at night (especially if you find yourself with bad dreams or uneasy feelings at night)
  3. Before you go into a demanding meeting with strong personalities or where confrontation is a possibility
  4. Before entering a place or building that makes you feel uneasy
  5. Any time where you find yourself feeling uncomfortable and you can’t explain why
  6. Immediately before you start any energy work
  7. Immediately before you start meditating

The protection will slowly wear off however, so sadly we can’t just put up our protection today and expect it to still be there in twenty years.

I am a practitioner and my modality is “safe”, do I still need to do this?

Some modalities – probably the most famous being Reiki – are deemed inherently safe, so why do you need protection? When practising any modality such as this, the practitioner’s sensitivity tends to increase as they open their awareness to the energies they are using and this increases the risk of being exposed to other energy sources that may be around. So I would recommend yes, it is still a good idea to do this.

Simple, quick and safe

Disruptive energies can cause feelings of uneasiness, headaches, or even long term health problems so whether you have some Ley lines running under your house, or just happen to be working in an old building that isn’t quite as empty as you thought, this simple, quick and safe exercise might be just what you need.