Sun Tans and Tree Hugging

It’s always nice to have good weather and we get more than just a nice tan by being outside enjoying it.

We draw Chi into our bodies from many sources: our breath, the food we eat, the water we drink and the environment around us. Many interior environments in spite of our best efforts restrict our Chi flow, whether it is lack of fresh air due to air conditioning systems or electromagnetic radiation due to TVs, computers and mobile phones. These are necessary elements of modern life and difficult to avoid – I’d love to be transmitting this newsletter to you with pure Chi, but until I figure out how to do that, I’ll have to stick with my laptop!

Many consider these environments “bad” but I prefer to look at things rather from a perspective of balance. Our systems are naturally resilient, self-healing and adaptive, but without balance these processes can become impaired. So to balance the Yang of the artificial and sometimes harsh environments we live and work in, we need to ensure we expose ourselves to equal portions of Yin or soft and natural energy. This way we can lead our modern lives whilst maintaining and nourishing our internal systems to provide a healthy life.

When we are outside, especially when out in nature, we have a more direct connection to all frequencies of Chi. This means our flow from the universe is improved, both from the earth and the heavens and there will be less distortion to the Chi energy itself. Elemental frequencies in particular are enhanced whilst outside – so if you didn’t already have a great reason to get outside to enjoy the sun then here’s another one!

Great natural environments for Chi are all around us. Areas of natural elements be it lakes, hills or plains are fantastic for our energy systems and I’m sure you’ve all experienced the surge of vitality that accompanies being in many of these places. One of my favourite places to be is out amongst the trees in woods and forests. The natural processes running through those old masters of Chi production – the trees – can fire up many a flagging energy system and they are selfless in their sharing of their energy.

One cautionary word however! Whilst we may thoroughly enjoy the energy and closeness of hugging trees, this can be detrimental for the tree! Trees have very powerful Chi, and as such can have a healing effect when we hold them, but stuck Chi can sometimes be drawn out from our systems into the tree itself. This sounds great for us, but we run at a much higher Chi frequency from trees and often the tree is unable to shift this stuck Chi and can become ill from healing us. I can heal trees in a fashion not too different from how I heal people, but sadly many trees do not yet have access to the internet and cannot email me for help when this happens, so please be considerate when enjoying their energy. Just standing nearby and experiencing their energy still feels great and is much safer for the trees.

In the meantime, enjoy the sun whilst it’s out!